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latest technology of fiber lasers|Industrial high-power laser solution

Yangming Technology Cutting Systems, which relies on fiber lasers for its cutting systems, has paired a new algorithm to enable the minimization of the focus shift in its Yangming Technology fiber laser cutting with a new noncontact beam measurement platform. Thanks to steady increases in laser power, the precision of laser cutting now benefits a wide range of applications, from fusion cutting of structural steel to faster and more efficient cuts of thinner materials. At Yangming Technology Laser cutting system, this is reflected in increasing reliance on high-performance fiber lasers for its cutting systems. Yangming Technology Cutting Systems (China) is a global supplier of products and services for the metal processing industry. The company has its own research and development, production base, products include:Various laser application equipment and CNC sheet metal processing machinery, from handheld equipment to shipbuilding machinery, as well as factories can be customized according to the needs of buyers and developed for specific markets. When it comes to the development of new cutting systems, Yangming Technology knows that measurement technology plays a decisive role.

According to Yangming Technology project manager in development at Yangming Technology Cutting Systems, “Determining the focus shift, in particular, had been very time-consuming for us and it posed some risk when the lasers were of higher power. At the same time, we really needed those measurement results.”

Yangming Technology ‘s research team developed a new software algorithm that could be used to minimize the focus shift in their laser-cutting systems .

It is based on time-resolved measurements specific to each type of cutting head.The thermal focus shift influences the quality of the laser cut at high laser powers and low approach distances. To counteract this, Messer Cutting Systems developed its Focus Shift Compensation software algorithm that counterbalances the shift.

The noncontact beam measurement system allows a laser beam to pass through an opening into the interior of the system and then exit the other side—without experiencing any impact along the way. It can do this because it measures Rayleigh radiation. This refers to the scattering of electromagnetic waves from particles smaller than the radiation’s wavelength, such as oxygen or nitrogen molecules in the air. The electric field of the laser radiation induces an oscillation in the dipole molecule at the laser’s frequency, leading to elastic scattering at that same frequency,And you don’t have to worry about power limitations.”


Scattering measurement of high power laser wait ,Please contact Yangming Technology  (jasmine@sinobaiclaser.com) is China – (Miss Yang) Yang Ming Head of Global Laser Machinery Business Development

As the power of the laser climbs, it becomes impractical to place objects such as sampling mirrors or rotating drums into the beam path due to the relatively high power density. Real-time beam measurement for lasers that are typically too powerful for direct measurement can be obtained by relying on the Rayleigh-scattering properties of the most common air molecules: nitrogen and oxygen. In Rayleigh scattering, the high-concentrated light around the laser’s beam waist is scattered off air molecules in its vicinity and captured by the camera. This allows for an analysis of the laser’s waist without coming in contact with the beam. The result is a beam analyzer with no water-cooling required, no moving parts, and no upper limit in the power of the laser being analyzed. And, since it is a camera-based system, it provides data up to 15 times per second—this allows the user to see more time-based characteristics of their laser system. For most industrial applications using multikilowatt lasers, the size and location of the beam waist must be held at consistent values to ensure correct power densities being applied to the part. For example, during some automotive welding applications, processing happens not at focus, but some distance past focus since a relatively larger beam with a lower power density produces de sired results.

Jiangsu Yangming Technology Co., Ltd. is a company integrating R&D, production and sales of various laser application equipment and CNC sheet metal processing machinery. It has more than 15 years of experience. Our products include: plane laser cutting machine, laser welding Machine, laser heat treatment, etc. Recently, we have developed a flexible plane cutting automatic loading and unloading system, as well as an automatic production line with continuous uncoiling, leveling and laser cutting functions. It can meet the needs of some high-end domestic customers and provide personalized and professional complete laser processing system solutions.
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