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Business team


The same time, we also attach great importance to services, the company's service mechanism: customer return visits, continuous improvement, rapid response, efficient and accurate, to ensure stable and efficient operation of products, to a large extent to help customers improve economic efficiency. The advanced nature of technology is the guarantee of product quality, and the company will have completely independent intellectual property rights.

Training: Our department has a Laser Processing Technology Training Centerto provide equipment technicians with free equipment operation, maintenance and process technology training. After the equipment is installed and commissioned, we can also provide on-site training instructions for the operators according to your needs until your technicians can work independently.

Installation: We will be responsible for the free installation and commissioning of your purchased equipment so that the machine can be put into service as soon as possible.


The business team is always an important part of the company's development and plays an invaluable role in the sustainable development of the company. Therefore, the completion of sales tasks by this business unit is a model for each sales personnel and all staff of the company.
If the company wants to get further development, its sales must go to a new level. In the work of Yangming enterprise business team, our tenacity, hard work and ideals have always supported their pressure and created a miracle spring for our company's sales.

We are a team and a big family, the company is our home, strong family, big family, we will live happily and happily. The president of Yangming company RenJian welcomes talents from all countries to join our family. , Forge ahead, work together, help each other, and finally realize each other's dreams together, realize the company's branding strategy, and achieve personal self-worth.


Maintenance: Two years of free warranty and lifetime maintenance for the equipment for your purchased equipment. During the warranty period, only due to design defects, manufacturing quality, and quality of purchased parts, our company is responsible for free maintenance. The company provides the required replacement parts (except for consumable parts). Over the warranty period, repairs only are charged at the cost price. At the same time, you will enjoy a lifetime software upgrade from the date of purchase; our engineers will provide a quick response when service is required.

Preventive maintenance: Depending on your needs, we can perform regular preventive overhaul on your machine or repair it when you need it. Regularly adjust and calibrate the guaranteed performance of the machine. Some potential problems can also be resolved before they break out to avoid affecting production efficiency.

Service outlets: We have established a comprehensive marketing network in China and the international marketing network is constantly evolving. You can check out our service network on our official website. After-sales service response time is 24 hours. You can call a service call or send an email. The after-sales engineer will give a clear response within 24 hours or confirm whether it is necessary to go to the equipment site.

Online service: We have established a variety of online service channels, you can contact us through customer service phone, customer service email, website online, website message and other channels to get the services you need.

Spare parts: To use original spare parts and consumables can optimize machine productivity. We can guarantee that there are enough spare parts and guarantee a preferential price and fundamentally to control the quality of the repair.

It is our commitment to fix all problems as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention. If you have any questions about our support policies please contact us.

Sale team:

Application Consulting: Our consultants understand the application of cutting and welding technology. We are always ready to provide you with information about products, prices, technology, industry solutions, etc., and share our valuable knowledge to help you develop optimized solutions.

Inspection reception: You can make an appointment to visit the exhibition hall and visit the company on-site inspection. We will provide you with a professional receptionist.