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The best price 1000W fiber laser cutting machine,Customized large metal sheet CNC laser cutting machine

Short Description:

  • Applicable Material Metal
  • Laser Type Fiber Laser
  • Graphic Format Supported AI, BMP, DST, DWG, DXF, DXP, LAS, PLT
  • Application Laser Cutting
  • Cooling Mode Water Cooling
  • Place of Origin Jiangsu, China
  • Warranty 3 years
  • After-sales Service Provided Online support, Field installation, commissioning and training, field maintaince and repair service, video technical support, Engineers available to service machinery overseas
  • Working area 3000*1500mm
  • Laser power 1000W
  • Function metal sheet laser cutting machine
  • Cutting Thickness 0-20mm
  • Max Moving speed 100m/min
  • Max Cutting speed 35m/min
  • Position Accuracy 0.03mm
  • Min line width 0.1nm
  • Repostion Accuracy: 0.02mm
  • Supply Ability 50 Set/Sets per Month
  • Packaging Details 1Whole film packaging machine; 2Anti-collision package edge; 3Fumigation-free plywood wooden box with iron binding belt.
  • Port Shanghai
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    Automatic laser cutting machine CNC fiber 1000w can be customized large metal sheet laser cutting machine

    Performance characteristics


    1.Features of metal laser cutting machine

    1.1 The all-alloy steel plate welded structure is annealed to eliminate stress and maintain long-term accuracy;

    1.2 Aluminum alloy beam and sliding seat, good rigidity, light weight and good dynamic performance;

    1.3 Imported servo combined with optimized precision transmission makes the transmission accuracy higher;

    beam and table


                   Sheet metal profile welded table                                                              Aluminum beam            

    1.4 Small slits, high speed, and small cutting deformation of the board;

    1.5 The operating system interface is easy to learn and understand, and the processing is flexible;

    1.6 It can adjust the height to maintain a certain distance between the cutting head and the sheet;

    1.7 With power protection design and malfunction alarm protection function;

    1.8 Optimized precision transmission, machining accuracy surpasses peers;

    1.9 Multi-layer processing can meet the same sheet in multi-process processing;

    1.10 Centralized lubricating device is regularly and quantitatively filled with lubricating oil.


     2.Overall composition of the machine

    2.1 Frame: the execution part of the machine, the cutting function and cutting accuracy are realized through the frame;

    Frame manufacturing process: steel plate derusting, CNC cutting, milling before welding-tempering treatment, CNC machining;

    2.2 Beams are made of aviation aluminum alloy profiles and plates;

    2.3 Precision transmission parts use products of international first-line brands to ensure transmission accuracy;

    The limit switch is supplemented by the elastic buffer block to limit the stroke of the axis, which guarantees the safety of the machine’s movement;

    2.4 Laser: The laser can generate different power lasers according to the cutting requirements of the material;

    2.5 Cold air system: compressed air, high-pressure oxygen, high-pressure nitrogen three gas sources, one-button switching of the operation interface;

    Role: to ensure the cleanness and cooling inside the cutting head, and to make the cut surface of the cut product clean, without impurities attached;

    2.6 Chiller: The chiller provides powerful cooling protection for the laser light outside the machine;

    2.7 Blanking drawer: There are rollers on the bottom and a handle on the front end for collecting cutting dust and blanking;

    2.8 Automatic lubricating device: add lubricating oil to the wire rail, lead screw, and rack and pinion at regular and quantitative intervals.


    3.Fiber laser performance characteristics:    


    3.1 With world famous Shenzhen MAX fiber laser;

    3.2 High integration, small size and small footprint;

    3.3 Fast cutting speed and high efficiency;

    3.4 Low energy consumption, photoelectric conversion rate of 30 ~ 35%;

    3.5 The theoretical life span is more than 100,000 hours;

    3.6 No external light, low maintenance-free cost;

    3.7 Can cut high anti-metals such as aluminum and copper plates.                                             


    4.Introduction of Sino-US Joint Venture EPCAhead Operation Control System:

    operation panel

    4.1Board closed-loop system based on German Beckhoff platform;

    4.2 Strong anti-interference ability and clear display page;

    4.3 The cutting head can be calibrated automatically and simply, and quickly;

    4.4 With frog jump cutting, flying cutting, progressive perforation and other functions;

    4.5 Automatic edge finding function to quickly determine plate coordinates;

    4.6 Pause, rollback, and manual cutting functions to improve sheet utilization

    4.7 Layered cutting to meet different processing needs of the same sheet;

    4.8 Wireless remote control handle can realize all-round and multi-functional operation of the machine;

    wireless remote

    4.9 Host networking can support remote technology to improve after-sales efficiency;

    4.10 The processing path statistics function facilitates the user’s processing billing.                   


    5.Yaskawa servo system         

    servo system                           

    5.1 Globally recognized cost-effective servo;

    5.2 Medium inertia and large torque, easy to match;

    5.3High resolution and high response speed are suitable for fast cutting;

    5.4Test software makes debugging more scientific, accurate and simple.                               


    6Swiss RayTools cutting head             

    Raytools cutting head                                                                                            

    6.1 Swiss brand technology, Shanghai Jiaqiang production and sales;

    6.2 Optimize flexible optical configuration and smooth and efficient airflow design;

    6.3 Dual water-cooled design enables the laser head to work stably for a long time;

    6.4 Imported high-power quartz combination lens, material;

    6.5 The protective lens adopts a drawer lens holder, which can be replaced quickly;

    6.6 Ultra-high power structure with built-in annular air cooling and side blowing to prevent sputtering;

    6.7 The auto-focus function can achieve continuous zooming for fast zooming.


    7.Precision transmission     

    HIWIN Liner Guide                                                                                        

    7.1 Matching the best global cost-effective brand Taiwan HIWIN precision linear guide;            

    7.2 Continuously optimized high rigidity and high precision flange output reducer;

    7.3 The grinding helical gear is assembled and calibrated before leaving the factory, with high coaxial accuracy.


    8.Reference standards for the design, manufacture and acceptance of machines                       

    8.1 GB / Z 18462-2001 Laser processing machinery Performance specifications and standard inspection procedures for metal cutting;

    8.2 GB / T 15313-1994 laser terminology

    8.3 GB / 3505-2000 Product geometric technical specifications Surface structure contour method Surface structure terms, definitions and parameters.


    9.Fiber laser dedicated dual temperature chiller: Taiwan Liming planetary reducer     

    temperrature chiller    

    This machine is equipped with Sanhe Tongfei chiller of well-known domestic brands;

    The low-temperature water temperature for forced cooling of the laser can be arbitrarily set within the range of 21 ° C ~ 34 ° C;

    The temperature of the normal temperature water is always kept close to the indoor temperature, which is used to prevent the condensation of the external optical path from being too large when the external optical path is cooled, causing damage to the external optical path optical components.

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    With more than 15 years experience, YANGMING Laser is a company with excellent quality products. We strive to support you with acquiring the best laser cutter machine for your unique application. We are always here to help you purchase the right equipment and provide you the technical support. YANGMING designs and engineers its laser cutting machinery in house while strictly maintaining quality assurance standards with our overseas suppliers.  This allows us to offer a good compromise between quality and affordability.

    Facts About YANGMING Laser:

    • YANGMING Laser has assembled qualified, skilled, customer oriented staff for sales and support.  Our tech’s are made up of qualified oriented, mechanical, and electrical engineers who are able to communicate in a friendly, helpful manner.
    • Many small laser machine outfits will import cheap machines and software often without any quality systems in place. We design, engineer, then systematically test each laser to confirm a consistent power, and precision.  Finally, our back up support is the key to your success.
    • We have quality trained, experienced and most important real laser technicians who are motivated to understand, configure, and support you in accomplishing your laser technology goals and aspirations.

    Have a question? Feel free to contact us via. email or phone at any time.

    If you have questions about the client support YANGMING Laser extends with all its machinery, then the following should answer a lot of your questions…
    YANGMING Laser offers technical support to its customers via email or telephone. We are happy to help you with issues regarding installation and setup, or if you are having trouble with the operation of your machine.

    Tech:   0086-513-80219366   E-mail:ian@sinobaiclaser.com

    Sales: 0086-513-88284233    

    Sales E-mail: edith@sinobaiclaser.com/jasmine@sinobaiclaser.com

    Phone:  0086-18662869700

    Support Hours

    YANGMING Laser technical support is open Monday to Friday, 8:00am - 6pm & Saturday from 12 pm - 4pm.

    Support Procedure

    All emails will be answered as soon as possible. Please be as descriptive as possible in your email. If you need to access a technician via. phone support call 0086-18606123888. A receptionist will enter your information into our ticketing system. A qualified technician will then follow up in a timely manner to provide support.

    The ticketing system will be open from 8:30am - 5pm, Monday to Friday.

    Problem Solving 

    It is our commitment to fix all problems as quickly as possible after they are brought to our attention. If you have any questions about our support policies please contact us.

    Pre-sale service:

    Application Consulting: Our consultants understand the application of cutting and welding technology. We are always ready to provide you with information about products, prices, technology, industry solutions, etc., and share our valuable knowledge to help you develop optimized solutions.

    Inspection reception: You can make an appointment to visit the exhibition hall and visit the company on-site inspection. We will provide you with a professional receptionist.

    In-sale service:

    Installation: We will be responsible for the free installation and commissioning of your purchased equipment so that the machine can be put into service as soon as possible.

    Training: Our department has a “Laser Processing Technology Training Center” to provide equipment technicians with free equipment operation, maintenance and process technology training. After the equipment is installed and commissioned, we can also provide on-site training instructions for the operators according to your needs until your technicians can work independently.

    After sales service:

    Maintenance: Two years of free warranty and lifetime maintenance for the equipment for your purchased equipment. During the warranty period, only due to design defects, manufacturing quality, and quality of purchased parts, our company is responsible for free maintenance. The company provides the required replacement parts (except for consumable parts). Over the warranty period, repairs only are charged at the cost price. At the same time, you will enjoy a lifetime software upgrade from the date of purchase; our engineers will provide a quick response when service is required.

    Preventive maintenance: Depending on your needs, we can perform regular preventive overhaul on your machine or repair it when you need it. Regularly adjust and calibrate the guaranteed performance of the machine. Some potential problems can also be resolved before they break out to avoid affecting production efficiency.

    Service outlets: We have established a comprehensive marketing network in China and the international marketing network is constantly evolving. You can check out our service network on our official website. After-sales service response time is 24 hours. You can call a service call or send an email. The after-sales engineer will give a clear response within 24 hours or confirm whether it is necessary to go to the equipment site.

    Online service: We have established a variety of online service channels, you can contact us through customer service phone, customer service email, website online, website message and other channels to get the services you need.

    Spare parts: To use original spare parts and consumables can optimize machine productivity. We can guarantee that there are enough spare parts and guarantee a preferential price and fundamentally to control the quality of the repair.



    Q1:When can customers contact us?
    A1:We are available Monday through Saturday. 8AM to 12PM Beijing time.We also offer 24 hour online service for customers.

    Q2.How do I order a product from you?
    A2:If any problems occur with our products or you are in need of assistance.Please send email to jasmine@sinobaiclaser.com, call us via telephone 0086-186-6286-9700 or send message via Whatsapp, Skype, Viber etc. We will reply as quickly as possible.

    Q3.What certifications you have ?
    A3:We have certifications like:ISO certifications and many Industry certifications.

    Q4: How does your factory do regarding quality control?
    A4: Quality is the priority. We always attach great importance to quality controlling from beginning to the end.

    YANGMING is a mature brand in CHINA,through our many years research in technology,our design including structure and detailed security and precision has enhanced greatly,and can match all the CE standard or more strict standard.Our machines distribute worldwide to about 50 countries where there are metal plate industry,we have good reputation and terminal user.

    Q5: Do you offer OEM or ODM service?
    A5:We offer OEM and ODM services.

    Q6: Is there any complaint hotline?

    Q6: We also have set up an independent complaint hotline email:******. Please describe your problem as clear as you could. We will reply immediately and feedback as soon as we find out the situation.

    Q7:Before sending me an inquiry on our fiber laser, it is better for you to provide me the following information:

    Q7:Working material,and the thickness of the material max. working size.

    Do you also want to cut tube?

    If you also want to cut tubes. Please attach the material, length, thickness and diameter.

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